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2019 IBDC

[ Crosser ] is the new solution for winter cyclists, due to the snowing weather riders need extra effort face to different challenges, it means we have redefined the general snow riding concept, portable and durable function, and intelligent riding user experience.


On the bicycle, we focus the usage riding with efficiency and flexible, also strengthen the frame stiffness, other core components, such as switch front wheel to ski to adapt deeper snow scenario, electric motor, thermostat grip and connectable bike system to navigate the direction, which will play important roles in the experience of adapting any snow scenario. 


Intelligent function - the riding experience upgrade, build in the smart connection system and navigation system. let riders could identify direction and weather information through projection information by connecting smartphone. The reliable experience is most important for the rider.


To sum up all the challenges, it's let us think more about the scenario to match snow bike riding usage, where is their scenario, how they riding the bicycle, how to tune the function to solve issues and upgrade the riding experience.


Wheel mode/Ski mode

In snowing weather, the road condition could be a huge difference in a day during the snow, winter cyclists have to deal with hardpack, black ice, ruts, trafficked snow, and deeper snow condition with low tire friction and visibility all those issues make difficult cycling in winter.

Design feature


A U shape lighting daytime running lamp round the top tube and the triangle cover storage space for storing essential snow equipment is the feature of the frame look, it combines the turn signal on the side and taillight at back. through the mobile device to send a signal it also can be a bicycle search function with lighting and sound when snowing covers your bicycle.

Front Fork

Lightweight carbon fiber merged aluminum structure front fork, super-strong 60mm diameter build-in head tube suspension, and 58mm hollow wheels axle all design to achieve transform between wheel and ski mode.



Airless deformable structure front tire and rear hub combine spoke rim can absorb hardpack bumps and prevent puncture risk from the snowing road. The split front-wheel delivers more stability on an icy road.



The quick-release wheel hub and foldable ski system make it easier to convert to ski mode, by attaching the front wheel to the rear axle give extra traction when deep snow condition, then open split steering ski the spring pressure on the hinge will lock ski in place, release steering ski arm align with upper fork will automatically lock in position.



The motor has an internal gearbox and regenerative braking plus additional gear for braking to send a braking force through the belt to rear wheel for the full braking stop, minimize component exposed in the snow with belt cover to reduce the machinal failure by snow.


Smart Control

Because of low visibility in snowing weather condiction, the bar-end cap has turn signal and vibration module for the rides physical feedback and turn signal for other roads user, vibration module, and projection information design for GPS guidance without a screen give riders more instinct feedback and focus on the road. the heated grip keeps your hands warming and flexible to control the button and brake lever.


Project member
Briefing: Ed Kuo/ Mike Lee
Brainstorming: Ed Kuo/ Mike Lee
Concept develop/3D modeling: Ed Kuo
Render/layout: Mike Lee

E6 WHEEL-01.jpg


E5 TIRE.81.png


Dry Handling●●●●

Wet Grip●●●

Tread Life●●●●●

Off-Road Traction●●●

Co-branding with Shinko Tire

E5 TIRE.86.png


Dry Handling●●●

Wet Grip●●●

Tread Life●●

Off-Road Traction●●●●

Co-branding with Shinko Tire

E5 TIRE.85.png


Dry Handling●●●●

Wet Grip●●●●

Tread Life●●●

Off-Road Traction●●●●●

Co-branding with TOYO Tire

E5 TIRE.82.png


Dry Handling●●●

Wet Grip●●●●

Tread Life●●●

Off-Road Traction●●●●

Team Magic Orginal

E5 TIRE.84.png


Dry Handling●●●●●

Wet Grip●●●●

Tread Life●●●●

Off-Road Traction●●

Co-branding with Hoosier Tire

E5 TIRE.83.png


Dry Handling●●●●

Wet Grip●●●●●

Tread Life●●●●

Off-Road Traction●●

Team Magic Sport Line

1/8 BMT GT




Computing Ability / Skills
• Solidworks • Keyshot • Autodesk Alias • Illustrator • Photoshop

• Highly skilled mechanical tool using

alias logo.jpg

Experienced designer with a demonstrated history of working in the product manufacturing industry. Skilled in Product Design, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), SolidWorks, Keyshot, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. Strong design professional with a Master's degree focused in Industrial and Product Design.


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